Sen. Ted Cruz Set To Announce Run For 2016 GOP Presidential Nom

Ted Cruz will announce Monday that he will seek the presidency, with a campaign that aims to energize the party’s Tea Party and socially conservative wings.

He will be the first Republican to declare his candidacy.

The freshman senator from Texas is set to announce his intentions in a speech at Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell,and which bills itself as the world’s largest Christian university. The Houston Chronicle was the first to report Cruz’s announcement.

Cruz, 44, is just starting the third year of his first Senate term. He is an undisputed leader of the Tea Party movement, known for his brash, uncompromising style and conservative beliefs that target both President Obama as well as his fellow Republicans.

He repeatedly criticizes the “mushy middle” — as reflected by the GOP’s last two presidential nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain — and denounces his fellow Republicans for failing to make bold distinctions with Democrats. “It’s a failed electoral strategy,” Cruz has said.

(via USA Today)