See A Movie For $4 On National Cinema Day + More News

See A Movie For $4 On National Cinema Day + More News

Some news items you might have missed:

Axios: August 27 is the second annual National Cinema Day in the U.S. Tickets for all showtimes at more than 3,000 movie theaters “will be no more than $4.”

The Advocate: Good Morning America threw a big gay bachelorette party for Robin Roberts.

Times of Israel: A gay couple and their three children were briefly denied entry to a national park with their family pass on Saturday because they were deemed to “not be a family.” The family has had a parks pass defining them as “a couple with three children” for seven years and never before had an issue.

Twitter: Donald Trump’s bond in the Georgia case has been set at $200,000. Conditions of his bond include he cannot talk to co-defendants or witnesses about the case and no intimidation of any kind, including posts on social media.

Rolling Stone: Interesting factoid – Madonna’s least streamed song on Spotify is “In This Life” from 1992’s Erotica.  The track is a heartfelt tribute to everyone Madonna knew who died in the AIDS crisis.

Mediaite: Legal expert explains why Donald Trump if convicted of any of the crimes he’s charged with, will not go to prison if he gets reelected.

GLAAD: Big Brother and The Challenge: USA star Paulie Calafiore comes out as bisexual.