Saturday Slowdown: Jeremy Jordan “Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'”

Clicking through my YouTube history recently, I was reminded of this terrific update the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” by Broadway and TV star Jeremy Jordan.

Two and a half years ago, Jordan’s fresh take on the R&H song was first in a series of music videos titled, “R&H Goes Pop!” The keepers of all things R&H set out to explore contemporary twists on timeless classics from the R&H catalog.

The arrangement and orchestration here is killer: bright, fresh and current – as if Coldplay decided to stick a toe in the Broadway songbook.

I love reinvention, and I love this.


At the time, Jordan took to Twitter to announce the news, writing, “A while back, the fine folks at @RnH_Org asked me to reimagine a classic. Naturally, I enlisted the help of @brauhala & we came up with this take on “O What a Beautiful Mornin.” Then @nathanjohnsonny shot this video in the summer HEAT. Enjoy!”

Watch the below and enjoy.