Sarah supports Amendment One

Please stop and listen to this.  OMG – THIS is who is voting gay families’ rights away!

I love that she’s a “good christian” but she can’t answer why God’s son Jesus Christ never said a word about homosexuality…  It’s fabulous.

People – this is what the “majority” is in North Carolina taking away the rights of gay and lesbian families.  I don’t mean to laugh but it’s gotten to the point of being laughable.

The rights of the minority should never be put to the vote of the majority.  Ask the black community if they think the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have passed if put to a popular vote in the 60s.

Sad day for North Carolina and sadder for the LGBT community.  Please note that folks like “Sarah” are taking away the rights of others.  Her life will continue on unchanged tomorrow, but LGBT families across North Carolina will be changed for the worse.

Thanks to the Brad & Britt Show for the clip.  You guys rock.

From the 05/07/12 Brad & Britt Show:

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