San Antonio Councilwoman recorded talking anti-gay bigotry

From the My San Antonio news site:

“So disgusting!” That exclamation escaped the lips of District 9 Councilwoman Elisa Chan on May 21 in her City Hall office, where she was meeting with members of her staff to discuss the city’s proposal to update its nondiscrimination ordinance, adding protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

In the course of the conversation, Chan expressed her unvarnished views on homosexuality, which range from befuddled to intolerant. She revealed that she believes being gay is a choice and that gay people should not be allowed to adopt children, and she voiced revulsion toward the LGBT community.

Unbeknown to the councilwoman, an aide, James Stevens, was secretly recording the meeting on his iPhone. (He’s now a former aide; Stevens, 28, quit this week.)

Chan’s former chief of policy, Jeff Bazan, who now works as the chief of staff for a different city council member, is heard suggesting that the growing acceptance of gay marriage will lead to “incest and being able to marry animals, that’s all going to happen.”

Yesterday Bazan pulled back and gave some CYA explanation regarding his comments, telling the San Antonio Express-News, “I was basically explaining the viewpoint that some people have on the gay marriage issue. What I said was wrong and I deeply regret it.”

Councilwoman Chan has not apologized as of today.

I think the discussion itself proves why the ordinance needs to be addressed and updated.