Nearly Half Of Republicans Would Be Bothered Hearing Foreign Language Spoken In US

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From The Hill:

Close to half of white Republicans in the United States said they would be bothered if they heard someone speak a foreign language in public in a new survey released by the Pew Research Center on Wednesday.

According to the new survey, 47 percent of white respondents who identified as Republican or Republican-leaning said they would be bothered “some” or “a lot” by a person speaking a language in public that was not English.

By contrast, only 18 percent white respondents who identified as Democrat or Democrat-leaning said they would be bothered.

Fifty-eight percent of white Democrats said that they wouldn’t be bothered at all by hearing someone speak in a foreign language in a public. Twenty-six percent of white Republicans also answered the same.

Outside of political modifiers, the survey found that 34 percent of all white respondents said they would be bothered hearing people speak in a foreign language in public.

NY State: Town Clerk Denies Gay Couple Marriage License

Sherrie Eriksen (image via Facebook)

Sherrie Eriksen, a town clerk in Root, New York, this week denied a marriage license to a gay couple based on her religious beliefs. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he is investigating.

Dylan Toften, one of the men seeking the license wrote on his Facebook: “Town of Root clerk is a bigot!!!! Refused to do our marriage license. She said make an appointment to have her deputy do it… do your job.”

The Daily Gazette spoke with Town Attorney Robert Subik who said:

“Sherrie didn’t process the two men’s marriage license application because they failed to make an appointment with her, as everyone is required by her office to do. She has a religious objection and has referred the matter to her deputy clerk, who has no such objection and will issue the license when they make an appointment. The clerks are both part-time and don’t man the office Monday through Friday. Of course, the two men are free to go to another jurisdiction to obtain their license.”

Gov. Cuomo has asked that an investigation be launched to look into the matter.

Gay Republican Fired For Calling Police On Woman Using A Coupon

After a CVS Health store manager called the Chicago police on a black woman who was merely trying to use a manufacturer's coupon, the drug store chain has announced the manager and his assistant have been fired for their discriminatory actions.
MorryMatson, former employee of CVS Heath in Chicago

After a CVS Health store manager called the Chicago police on a black woman who was merely trying to use a manufacturer’s coupon, the drug store chain has announced the manager and his assistant have been fired for their discriminatory actions.

Here’s CVS’s statement issued today via Chicago’s :

“We have sincerely apologized to Ms. Hudson for her experience in one of our Chicago stores. Our Region Director in Chicago contacted her as soon as we were made aware of this incident. We have completed our investigation, and as a result the two colleagues who were involved are no longer employed by CVS Health. CVS Health does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are committed to maintaining a welcoming and diverse environment in our stores. We have firm non-discrimination policies in place to help ensure that all customers are treated with respect and dignity. Profiling or any other type of discriminatory behavior is strictly prohibited.”

Last week I reported on the incident where Camilla Hudson tried to use the coupon at the CVS on North Broadway near Loyola University.

Hudson captured the incident on cellphone video and posted it to her Facebook page. The video shows manager Morry Matson literally shaking as he calls 911.

Matson told her Hudson wouldn’t accept the coupon and accused her of forging the coupon.

Matson says he was a delegate for President Trump during his 2016 campaign and is running for alderman of Chicago’s 48th Ward.

Shortly after the incident was reported and went viral, Matson’s campaign site went dark.

Matson was also the president of the Illinois chapter of Log Cabin Republicans.

But according to a statement given to BlockClubChicago by Gregory T. Angelo, national president of the Log Cabin Republicans, the Illinois state charter has been revoked.

Log Cabin Republicans Chapter Leaders have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of an organization advocating equality and inclusion of all Americans — whether or not they are acting in an official capacity on behalf of LCR or otherwise. As news articles highlighting Mr. Matson’s actions from this past weekend show, not doing so can have detrimental consequences not only for individual Chapters, but for the national organization as a whole. As such, the provisional charter afforded to LCR Illinois under its newly reconstituted leadership has been terminated.

Florida: Three County Clerks End All Courthouse Weddings To Avoid Marrying Same-Sex Couples

With the arrival of same-sex marriage to Florida on the very near horizon,  at least three County Clerks have decided to stop performing marriages in their county courthouses completely in order to avoid marrying same-sex couples.

Duval Clerk of Courts Ronnie Fussell, Clay Clerk Tara Green and Baker Clerk Stacie Harvey have all made the decision to end ALL courthouse weddings.

Fussell says the decision came after a series of discussion with members of his staff who currently officiate wedding ceremonies. None of them, including Fussell, felt comfortable doing gay weddings so they decided to end the practice all together, he said.

There were 1,911 wedding ceremonies performed at the Duval County Courthouse in 2013, compared to 6,342 marriage licenses issued. About 330 Clay County couples are married at its courthouse each year, and Baker averages about 30.

Fussell, a former Jacksonville City Council president, attends a Southern Baptist church and said he has considered how to handle the conflict between his personal views and professional duties that gay marriage created. He said he believes lesbians and gays should be defended and protected, but not allowed to marry.

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” he said. “Personally it would go against my beliefs to perform a ceremony that is other than that.”

Residents of Baker, Clay and Duval counties who want to avoid usual wedding expenses will now have to find a minister or notary to perform the ceremony after they pick up their marriage license, but a place other than the courthouse.

Baker Clerk Harvey said the decision is as much about logistics as it is personal conviction. The room where weddings are performed each year will now be used as space for people filling out paperwork related to domestic violence injunctions.

“I needed the space and our county we’re in the Bible Belt,” she said. “… If we’re made by the law to issue a gay marriage license (we will) do that, but we are not mandated to marry couples in our courthouse.”

As the article above references, 1,911 couples were married in Duval County alone. No more.

Because of bigotry.

Sad that folks are so anti-gay that they would rather punish everyone in their county rather than marry a same-sex couple.

American Decency Association versus Honey Maid

American Decency Association board member Steve Huston is mad about rainbows and Honey Maid’s inclusive gay family ad campaign:

“Nabisco wants to change definitions like family and wholesome.

“Now that I am older and more interested in protecting definitions like family and wholesome, I’m interested in being a conscientious consumer, watching where I spend my dollar. It’s not a matter of acceptance; it’s a matter of an evil agenda which is being pushed upon America and around the world.

“Satan continues to attack God’s design and skew it to his own workings. He continues to take words like ‘wholesome’ and ‘family’ and twist them for his own purposes. He takes a symbol of God’s promise (the rainbow) and hijacks it, twisting it to his own design.

“Satan calls it normal; God calls it sin.”

I reported on the Honey Maid campaign last month, but why not take another look? I think it’s great 🙂

Attorneys for Utah ask for more time to figure out why they are taking away people’s rights

Attorneys for the state of Utah apparently need more time to devise a plan to deny Utah citizens their civil rights.  From Deseret News:

Attorneys for the state asked the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday for a 10-day extension of a Jan. 27 deadline for initial arguments.

In its motion, the state says it needs an extension to complete a “fulsome, detailed and quality” brief on the constitutional questions surrounding Utah’s definition of marriage as only between a man and a woman. It also says the state needs help from its newly hired outside counsel to prepare and file the brief.

The 10th Circuit put the case on a fast track after receiving Utah’s notice of appeal last month.

The case was fast tracked due to Utah’s request. Now the state says they don’t have enough time to get their arguments together?

If you don’t know what your arguments are, then maybe you shouldn’t be filing to take away people’s rights Utah.


Minnesota Vikings respond to Chris Kluwe’s allegations of bigotry

Earlier today I reported on an essay by former Vikings punter (and LGBT ally) Chris Kluwe, who wrote a devastating account of his views on why he was released from the team last year.

The essay – “I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot” – chronicled Chris’ feelings that his public stance for LGBT rights led to his release from the team.

Via press release:

The Minnesota Vikings were made aware of Chris Kluwe’s allegations for the first time today. We take them very seriously and will thoroughly review this matter.

As an organization, the Vikings consistently strive to create a supportive, respectful and accepting environment for all of our players, coaches and front office personnel. We do not tolerate discrimination at any level. The team has long respected our players’ and associates’ individual rights, and, as Chris specifically stated, Vikings ownership supports and promotes tolerance, including on the subject of marriage equality.

Because he was identified with the Vikings, Chris was asked to be respectful while expressing his opinions. Team ownership and management also repeatedly emphasized to Chris that the Vikings would not impinge on his right to express his views.

Any notion that Chris was released from our football team due to his stance on marriage equality is entirely inaccurate and inconsistent with team policy.

Chris was released strictly based on his football performance. We will have further comment at the appropriate time.

At the end of the day, what else could the team say on the subject?

“Yep – we have bigots in charge over here?”