Ryan Kwanten and Alexander Skarsgård “True Blood” sex scene

SPOILER: Do not hit play if you haven’t watched this episode from the final season of TRUE BLOOD on HBO

Very sexy scene between “Jason Stackhouse” and “Eric Northman.”

About shooting the scene, Kwanten told TVLine:

‘There was word on the street that a scene was coming, and to be honest, Alex and I had been — not necessarily begging to work together — but we’d been pondering the thought, “What if we were ever put in a scene where it was just the two of us? What would happen?” And this is what our illustrious writers came up with.’

He said the scene with Skarsgard took a few hours to film and both were in good spirits throughout.

‘I always have a lot of fun, and I think that’s the important thing to remember,’ he said. ‘We’re just there to have fun and to stay true to the characters. Thinking back to this particular scene, I just remember Alex and I laughing a lot.’

Not sure how long the posted video will last online. Watch while you can 🙂

(via Gay Star News)