Roy Moore Campaign: You Can’t Serve In Congress As Muslim Because You Have To Be Sworn In With A Bible



You’ve got to check out Roy Moore campaign spokesman Ted Crockett, who was left speechless when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him about Alabama Republican Roy Moore’s claim that Muslims cannot serve in Congress because the oath of office requires swearing on a bible.

Jake Tapper: “You don’t actually have to swear on a Christian bible. You can swear on anything, really. The law is not that you do have to swear on a Christian bible. That is not the law. You don’t know that?”

Crockett: (pause, pause, pause….) “I know that Donald Trump did it when we made him president.”

Tapper: “Because he’s Christian and he picked it. That’s what he wanted to swear in on.”

Umm – freedom of religion? First Amendment?

Watch below.

And then there’s his response when asked if Roy Moore believes if homosexual conduct should be illegal. Watch below.

Congrats, Alabama! Here’s your team. This is classic ‘crash and burn’ stuff.