Rob and Linda Robertson for The NALT Project

I tend to not mention stories with a basis in religion on The Randy Report unless it comes wrapped in such warped distortion from what I know my Christian friends to be. My best friend is a priest and not in any way a bigot. I celebrate other’s religious beliefs as long as they don’t harm others.

But I do want to share this video and story today.  These are the kinds of Christians we need today.  And while I’m no expert, THIS sounds like what my Christian friends believe.  Not the crap you hear from Westboro Baptist Church and other bigots of that ilk.

Rob and Linda Robertson are outspoken advocates for LGBT equality and are passionate about communicating to gay Christians that God loves them exactly as they are and wants to use them exactly as they are to change the world.

Sadly, they lost their openly gay son Ryan when he came out to them and didn’t find the love and support he needed. Truth Wins Out has their story here.

The story of how God taught them to love their gay son can be found at Linda’s blog,