Reuters Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 8 Points

The latest Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll has good news for Democrat Hillary Clinton showing she now leads Republican Donald Trump by 8 points.

The survey also indicates that 1 in 5 Republicans feel his vulgar comments about groping women disqualify him from the presidency.

The poll was taken after the 2nd presidential debate Sunday night where Trump faced questions regarding his recorded statements in 2005 that he liked to grab women by their genitals.

Via Reuters:

The poll released on Tuesday showed Clinton, the Democratic nominee, had increased her lead over Trump, the Republican nominee, to 8 percentage points on Monday from 5 points last week.

When asked to pick between the two major-party candidates, 45 percent of likely voters said they supported Clinton while 37 percent supported Trump. Another 18 percent said they would not support either candidate.

Trump was under pressure during Sunday’s debate to restore confidence in his struggling campaign after dozens of lawmakers repudiated him over the weekend. He hammered Clinton’s handling of classified information while serving as secretary of state and referred to her as “the devil.” At one point, he said he would jail Clinton if he were president.

Among those who said they watched at least portions of the debate, 53 percent said Clinton won while 32 percent said Trump won. The results fell along partisan lines, however: 82 percent of Democrats felt Clinton won, while 68 percent of Republicans felt that Trump won.

Among likely voters who watched the debate, 48 percent said they supported Clinton while 38 percent supported Trump.