Reality “star” Bailey Hanks spits on the hand that fed her

Reality “star” Bailey Hanks spits on the hand that fed her

So apparently a reality show winner named Bailey Hanks, after being plucked from obscurity to star in a Broadway show – Legally Blonde – directed and choreographed by a gay man, written by a gay man, produced by some gay men, coached by gay men and performed with gay men, decided she wanted to make a special statement by not only eating at Chick-Fil-A (her right) but flaunting it on Twitter.

Good for her.

Now? The backlash…

Broadway’s John Carroll has written a fantastic rebuttal for the Advocate to this “Bailey Hanks” person who has slapped most of Broadway in the face by choosing (within her constitutional rights but sadly misguided) to make her “statement.”

From John’s article:

Bailey, you used gay people for your personal gain to make your dreams come true and then sold them down the river with your message condoning a company that is publicly known for discriminating. With your actions, you agreed to treat people like second-class citizens and doing so, disrespected my friends, family, my marriage and me, all this in an Instagram photo of your hate–filled waffle fries.

Stop hiding bigotry and hatred behind religion, let’s call it exactly what it is. If we are going to live by any biblical rule, let it be the golden one.

You really must read the entire take-down. Ms. Hanks deserves every word.

Don’t use the gays then spit on them. We have a talent for reminding you where – and from whom – your opportunities flowed.

p.s. No – I’m not adding the “Broadway” tag to this post. This person doesn’t deserve to be associated with such a noble community.

Reality “star” Bailey Hanks spits on the hand that fed her