The Real Housewives visit Chippendales in Las Vegas

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills visit the Chippendales in Las Vegas!

Watch the clip here.

With the gang split up on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, the hottest action was clearly happening with Pandora’s bachelor party in Las Vegas as the ladies partied with the world famous Chippendales. The women were tasked with demonstrating “one nasty lap dance.”

But while Lisa Vanderpump said, “I still don’t want to see my daughter kind of gyrating over the lap of a Chipmunk,” she didn’t seem to mind her daughter seeing her gyrating even more sensually on him.

Vanderpump Translation: Chipmunk = Chippendales Dancer

“Now Lisa, She can work it,” Taylor Armstrong said of Vanderpump’s performance. “She was moving that thing in his face.”

Vanderpump seemed both a little shocked at the evening’s events, and excited by them as well. “Was it embarrassing? Yes,” she admitted. “Do I want to do it again? Yes.”