Rally in Las Vegas to celebrate marriage equality victories

photo credit: Anthony Pecora

Under a clear blue sky in 105 degree heat,  Nevada LGBT leaders held a rally – part celebration, part battle cry – at the fab new Gay & Lesbian Community Center, following Supreme Court rulings Wednesday that shot down DOMA and Prop 8.

Hosted by Las Vegas’ favorite news anchor, Chris Saldana, community leaders and allies took to the stage to cheer the day and point to the battles ahead.

While Nevada doesn’t allow same-sex marriage currently, the ruling
opens the door for questions about the protections of rights for
same-sex couples here in the Silver State.  In the last legislative session, both the Assembly and the
Senate approved SJR13, the first step to repeal the same-sex marriage ban and
give the rights of marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples of

In attendance were Chris Miller (co-chair of LGBTQ Coalition), Merek Bute (president of AFAN), Tod Story (ACLU of Nevada), Assemblyman James Healey, Sen. James Parks, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (only GOP vote for marriage equality bill SJR13 this past legislative session), Sen. Pat Spearman, Assemblyman Paul Aizley, Sen. Ruben Kihuen, Sen. Justin Jones, and Assemblyman Andrew Martin (co-sponsor of SJR13).

Over and over, LGBT leaders and allies sent the message: “The fight for same-sex marriage is not over. The fight for equality is not over. And we need you.”

Rally host Chris Saldana gets the rally started

The crowd celebrates the day

Openly gay Assemblyman James Healy addresses the crowd

GOP Assemblywoman and ally Michele Fiore and her lesbian mom take the stage

Ryan Lyons of Le Reve and Broadway Bares shares a breather in the heat with Chris Saldana
Thanks for the beef cake, boys.

 Openly gay Sen. David Parks

Openly lesbian Sen. Pat Spearman