Quarantine Coaching: Coping With The ‘Funhouse Mirrors’ Effect

Quarantine Coaching: Coping With The ‘Funhouse Mirrors’ Effect
Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey

Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey’s latest video explores how LGBTQ folks can see a very distorted image of ourselves because of emotional issues, how that’s put on even more of a hyperdrive during COVID, and what we can do.

From the good therapist:

What we see reflected in the mirror can go from a “flower crown” to “zombie lens” filter in a heartbeat without anything actually changing.

We tend to buy what we see on the surface at face value without realizing how much it’s distorted by our deeper emotional stuff. And us gays have plenty thanks to homophobia.

Check out my latest video on the “Funhouse Mirrors” effect, how it can be more triggering than ever during COVID, and how we can reset not only what we feel but also what we see.