QAnon Rep Admits She’s “Not Getting The Vaccine”

QAnon Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) admitted for the first time that she’s not vaccinated against the coronavirus during an appearance on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast.

From the transcript:

“If they do not want the vaccine then they do not have to take the vaccine. It’s discrimination in the workplace.

“You want to know something, Steve? I’m not vaccinated. I’m not vaccinated and I’m not getting the vaccine because I’m an American and I can choose what I want to do with my body.

“I have the freedom to decide if I want to get a vaccine or not get a vaccine. And I don’t care who tells me to get one, I will not get one unless I choose that I want to.

“I’m a member of Congress and guess what? No one is firing me for not being vaccinated.”

Until now, Greene refused to reveal her vaccination status.

In July, she announced questions about whether she’d been vaccinated were a violation of her HIPAA rights. p.s. they aren’t…

Greene has also been dinged over 20 times for refusing to wear a face mask in the House racking up more than $48,000 in fines.