“Pugsley” Of The Addams Family Passes Away At 59

Ken Weatherwax, who played “Pugsley” in the 1960s TV series The Addams Family has passed away at the age of 59.

After the series ended, Weatherwax enlisted in the army at age 17. He later found steady, productive work building sets for films.

While he did not find success as an adult actor, Weatherwax would appear at autograph shows regularly, in addition to Addams Family tribute shows and reunions. He also contributed interviews to documentaries about the series, and about TV during the sixties.

Interesting fact: Weatherwax’s aunt was actress and dancer Ruby Keeler.

The only regular cast members from The Addams Family still living are John Astin, Lisa Loring, and Felix Silla.

(h/t Boy Culture)