Prosecutors Obtain Info Allegedly Connecting Trump To Charges Against His Company

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (screen capture)

The former daughter-in-law of Allen Weisselberg, indicted CFO of the Trump Organization, has reportedly handed prosecutors in his case some rather explosive evidence that allegedly connects Donald Trump to the charges against his company.

From Vanity Fair:

According to reporter Jose Pagliery, during a Zoom call with investigators on June 25, Jennifer Weisselberg, who was previously married to Allen’s son Barry Weisselberg, told investigators that she was in Trump’s office at Trump Tower during a January 2012 meeting in which the real estate developer discussed compensation with Allen and Barry, explaining that while the latter would not be getting a raise, his children’s private school tuition, which clocked in at more than $50,000 a year per child, would be paid for.

According to Jennifer Weisselberg, Trump turned to her and allegedly said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.” While that might sound like an instance of the ex-president being an uncharacteristically generous guy, prosecutors have claimed that Allen Weisselberg was awarded numerous fringe benefits over the years—like a free apartment, cars, and, yes, private school tuition—for the express purpose of avoiding paying taxes. Which, according to the indictment against him, he did, to the tune of $900,000.

Prosecutors are also pulling information from previous sworn statements for their investigation.

In his 2018 divorce deposition, Barry Weisselberg said that “his salary had remained flat for years, while his father ensured other aspects of his lifestyle were covered, including an apartment on Central Park South and later one on the Upper East Side.”

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