Profile: 60 Minutes Australia Talks To Olivia Newton-John

I have to share this beautiful profile of international pop star Olivia Newton-John from 60 Minutes Australia.

As regular readers know, my husband Michael is an entertainment publicist and has represented Olivia for some 20 years. He was the driving force in making this interview happen.

When I went through my own cancer journey in 2009, Olivia was my own private guardian angel, checking in on me often and always there with the perfect perspective.

The Australian news magazine devoted its entire hour-long program to chatting with Olivia, her husband John Easterling and daughter Chloe Lattanzi, on the progress and impact of the pop star’s third bout with cancer.

Knowing Olivia, I love that the segment captures exactly who she is – a lovely human being and a great artist who continues to inspire us all.

From the clip description: “One of the most remarkable interviews of the year: how the devotion of a loving family, and an unconventional treatment, is helping Olivia face up to the greatest challenge of her life, including a rare and raw insight from her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi. Powerful, emotional, and a reminder of the important things in life, it’s Olivia Newton-John as you’ve never seen her before.”

After the show aired, longtime friend Hugh Jackman, recorded and posted this message to Olivia from the stage of his current concert tour in mid-performance.

Just one more example of what Olivia means to, not only Australia, but the world.