Pride Music: Matt Zarley “Change Begins With Me”

Billboard recording artist, Broadway veteran and People Magazine’s first-ever openly gay“Hottest Bachelor,” Matt Zarley has received critical acclaim as an out LGBTQ artist for years.

It’s worth noting Zarley was never closeted as an artist. Long before it was considered ‘brave’ decided to come out, Zarley proudly took center stage – no mask, no hiding.

In a recent Instagram post in honor of Pride Month, he wrote: “When I released my very first recording in 2002, I was out. I have always been out. I was out when some called it brave and a risk to be. I was just me.”

With his uplifting music video, “Change Begins With Me”, Zarley scored the 2012 OUTmusic Single of the Year.

Oh, he also picked up Album of the Year that year.

He’s alright – if you like talent.

I never grow tired of this.