Pride Music: Eli Lieb ‘Boys Who Like Boys’

Eli Lieb in his new music video 'Boys Who Like Boys'
Eli Lieb in his new music video ‘Boys Who Like Boys’

In today’s edition of Pride Music, we revisit acclaimed out singer/songwriter Eli Lieb and his awesome 2021 single, “Boys Who Like Boys.” Totally on point not only for Pride Month, but every day.

I’m happy to admit that when a new Eli Lieb song drops, I run to hit play. Eli hits it out of the park every. single. time.

Eli finds his way to the center of his songs with uncluttered focus and gives voice to what I think of as the ‘every gay’ (as opposed to the ‘everyman’).

So what’s your problem with boys who like boys
Maybe we just want a little love
Boys who like boys
Know one holds you like a big man does
Go keep on hating I’ll just keep dancing
With boys who like boys
Yeah I just want a little love

Not only do his lyrics swagger like a boss, but Eli knows his way around a strong hook and when to drop those stadium drums for maximum effect. In some ways, I feel like he’s our Bryan Adams of today.


Plus, Eli enlisted the help of choreographer Tyler Malone who passed out the steps to friends and fans of Eli. The result is a rainbow of folks contributing their shade of pride for this anthemic track.

It just all works – to great effect. Hit play and enjoy.

You can find my previous coverage of Eli’s catalogue here. Celebrate him, his music and Pride.

Pride Music: Eli Lieb ‘Boys Who Like Boys’