‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Over-Celebrates, Dislocates Shoulder

‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Over-Celebrates, Dislocates Shoulder

A contestant on The Price Is Right got so excited about winning a trip to Hawaii last week he injured himself while celebrating.

The contestant (named Henry) was tasked with the game Bonkers where he had to guess in 30 seconds whether each digit in the price of a trip to Hawaii should be higher or lower than what was listed. And he got it right on his first try.

Like most contestants who score a prize, Henry started jumping up and down celebrating. So much so that he dislocated his right shoulder.

When he arrived to spin the wheel to get to the Showcase Showdown, his wife Alice was with him. Host Drew Carey explained the injury and that Alice would be spinning for Henry. And she did well, too, scoring a 95.

Hubby Michael and I watch The Price Is Right often when we just want something not ‘too deep.’ We’ve often noted how excited the contestants get when they win. I’ve always assumed folks are coached before a taping begins to go as big as they can.

The game show’s Instagram shared that Henry is all better now 🙂