President Obama Blasts Fox News For Distorting Support For Police

President Obama Blasts Fox News For Distorting Support For Police

Speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus this past Saturday night, President Obama made a point to call Fox News out for repeatedly distorting his support for police officers.

For a long time now, Fox News has portrayed Obama as unsupportive and divisive when it comes to police officers and the communities they serve.

From the transcript:

“I want to repeat – because somehow this never shows up on Fox News. I want to repeat – because I’ve said it a lot, unwaveringly, all the time: Our law enforcement officers do outstanding work in an incredibly difficult and dangerous job. They put their lives on the line for our safety. We appreciate them and we love them. That’s why my Task Force on 21st Century Policing made a set of recommendations that I want to see implemented to improve their safety, as well as to make sure that our criminal justice system is being applied fairly. Officers show uncommon bravery in our communities every single day. They deserve our respect. […]

“So I just want to repeat, because somehow this never gets on the TV: There is no contradiction between us caring about our law enforcement officers and also making sure that our laws are applied fairly. Do not make this as an either/or proposition. This is a both/and proposition. We want to protect our police officers. We’ll do a better job doing it if our communities can feel confident that they are being treated fairly. I hope I’m making that clear. I hope I’m making that clear.”