Poll: Guess Who In The LGBTQ Community Is Having More Sex

Poll: Guess Who In The LGBTQ Community Is Having More Sex
Poll: Guess Who In The LGBTQ Community Is Having More Sex

Pride Month is the perfect time to raise our voices.

With that in mind, Buzzfeed News thought this would be a good time to ask some questions about the LGBTQ community.

And so, they did.

From the survey of 880 LGBTQ folks:

• 55% of the respondents were women, 41% were men, and 4-5% identified as queer/nonbinary

• Twice as many identify as gay than lesbian – 32% to 16%

• Here’s news – almost half (46%) identified as bisexual

• Only 51 of the 880 respondents identified as transgender

• Correlating with recent reports, most who say they are LGBTQ are under 40 with 57% being between 18-39 as younger people are coming out more and more these days

• When it comes to sex, bisexual folks are leading the pack with 29% saying they have sex once or twice a week and 15% reporting even more. (Insert funny about having twice as many chances here)

That compares to 18% of gay people having sex once a week and 14% several times.

Lesbians indicated the least sex with 35% abstaining last year, 19% several times a year, 25% once or twice a month, and 4% several times a week.

The survey also shows that LGBTQ voters overwhelmingly identify as Democrats and ideologically center-left with the partisan gap at an astounding 53%:

Party Affiliation:
• 65% identify as Democrats
• 21% identify as Independents
• 12% identify as Republicans
Partisan Gap: 53%

• 59% identify as somewhat or very liberal
• 25% identify as moderate
• 11% identify as somewhat or very conservative
Ideological Gap: 48%

Political Engagement:
• 88% are registered to vote
• 67% vote in state and federal elections

Lucas Acosta, DNC LGBTQ Media Director, responded to those numbers saying, “LGBTQ voters know that Democrats have stood by their side in the fight for equal rights and equal opportunity.”

“The Republican strategy of ignoring the LGBTQ community and erasing us from mentions on websites, all while trying to strip us of access to quality and affordable health care–has long lasting impacts on our community.”

“With more LGBTQ Democratic candidates running up and down the ticket than ever before, LGBTQ voters will be an integral part of sending Democrats to victory this November,” Acosta added.

Head over to Buzzfeed for more results.