Poll: 90% Of College Students Plan On Getting Vaccinated

Vials of vaccine
(image via Depositphotos)

Axios reports the results of an exclusive poll conducted by BeatTheVirus and Generation Lab showing nearly 90% of college students are “absolutely certain” or “probably” going to get vaccinated against the coronavirus when they are eligible.

In that more than 120,000 cases of COVID-19 have been traced back to universities and colleges, getting shots in those arms represents an important demographic in bringing the pandemic under control.

With eligibility opening up to all adults in the next week or so across the country, many large state schools have set-up large-scale COVID-19 vaccination sites on their campuses.

The new polling indicates getting back to social activities is high on the students’ list of reasons to get vaccinated:

• 30% said their top reason to get vaccinated was to resume in-person relationships

• 23% said their top reason was to return to in-person events like sports, live performances or bars

It’s worth noting, however, that a different survey conducted by the Pew Research Center showed the willingness to get vaccinated sooner than later among 18-29 year-olds was 60 percent.