Poll: 65% Support Face Mask Mandates In Schools

While you may see wild and wooly protests against mandating face masks in schools on local and national news, a new USA Today/Ipsos poll shows 65% of Americans support mandates for teachers and students.

Among parents whose children are school age, the numbers drop slightly with 64% supporting face masks for teachers, and 62% for students.

In regard to mandating vaccinations, 59% of Americans overall feel eligible students should be required to get their shot, but just 50% of parents agreed.

When it comes to teachers getting their jab in order to return to schools, 65% of Americans supported the idea, while 56% of parents said the same.

Read more of the results here.

In an Axios/Momentive poll, “A majority of parents with school-age children (59%) say they support mask mandates for all students and staff, twice as many (30%) as the number who say they oppose all mask mandates.”

Also, more mothers (66%) than fathers (50%) expressed support for mask mandates for all students and staff; more fathers (36%) than mothers (24%) oppose all mask mandates.