Police Release Nex Benedict Body Cam Footage

The Owasso Police Department has released bodycam footage of Nex Benedict, a 16-year-old nonbinary student who died earlier this month, being interviewed while in a hospital emergency room following the physical altercation that took place between Nex and three girls in a high school restroom.

The Owasso High School resource officer conducted the interview with Nex and their mother, Sue Benedict.

In the video, Nex describes how they were bullied by three girls for “the way that we dress.” On the day of the incident, Nex says they were laughing with their friend, and the three girls apparently mocked them saying, “Why do they laugh like that?”

At the 4:05 mark, Nex says they “poured water on them,” referring to the three girls.

At the 4:34 mark, Nex adds:

“They came at me, they grabbed my hair, I grabbed onto them. I threw one of them into a paper towel dispenser. And then they got my legs out from under me, got me on the ground, started beating the shit out of me. And then my friend tried to jump in and help, but I’m not sure. I blacked out.”

The police officer makes a point to Nex and their mother that they can file assault charges against the three girls. But because Nex poured water on them, the girls could, in turn, file assault charges against Nex.

Because pouring water on someone is the same thing as beating someone’s head on the floor until they black out.

Police have confirmed to multiple media outlets that the school failed to follow procedure and notify law enforcement about the beating.

In the video, Sue Benedict repeatedly says she wants to know why the school officials didn’t contact the police about the altercation.

As I’ve previously reported, Nex was taken home later that day. Sue Benedict has told the press Nex went to bed with a sore head but fell asleep listening to music.

The next day, while getting ready to go to an appointment in Tulsa with their mother, Nex collapsed in the living room. An ambulance was called, but when EMT arrived Nex wasn’t breathing. Nex was declared dead at the hospital.

The Owasso Police Department said Wednesday that Nex’s death was not the result of “trauma,” but added that the findings were preliminary and investigations by the medical examiner’s office and the police department remain underway.

Nicole McAfee, who leads Freedom Oklahoma, said her organization has been working with some of Nex’s friends as they process their grief over Nex’s death. Some of those friends told McAfee, “Nex had been bullied for their gender identity for well over a year.”

Here’s the video from the Owasso Police Department:

Owasso Police Department also released an update on the investigation into Nex’s death. Here’s the video cued up to Sue Benedict calling 911 on February 8 after Nex had collapsed.

(h/t Washington Blade)