Photography: Alexander Abramov’s New Art Book Series “Uncovered”

Photography: Alexander Abramov’s New Art Book Series “Uncovered”

I’ve featured woofy Russian artist Alexander Abramov many times on The Randy Report via his must-see Instagram account.

Now, Abramov has a five-part series of art books, featuring photography by Dmitry Bocharovwhich, which chronicle his journey as an adult gay man in the world today.

From his official website:

Alexander Abramov bares all in Uncovered, his coming of age story about a man who isn’t afraid to speak his truth, follow through with his vision and be exposed, both body and soul.

The five part series of art books tells the story of Alexander Abramov. The Russian artist and producer portrays different characters in unique worlds full of action and emotion.

Through images and notes from his personal diary, Alexander explains to the world who he really is.

“I started keeping journals 18 years ago. My diary is about awareness of my homosexuality, about my experiences and explorations of the world: first feelings, first love, first sexual encounter… It is also about human imperfection and struggle, drugs and fears, scars and past troubles. On the whole, it tells of becoming the man I have wanted to be: a man who is able to inspire others to makes changes for the better.”

10% of proceeds will go to The Russian LGBT Organization.

Abramov will be attending a book signing event in Palm Springs, April 28th at 12pm at the Papa Pool Party hosted at the Renaissance Hotel.

Pre-orders are now available through Abramov’s official website here.