Paul Ryan Opposes Ending DACA Policy, Urges Legislative Fix

Paul Ryan Opposes Ending DACA Policy, Urges Legislative Fix
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday gave hope to those who support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a program instituted by President Barack Obama that protects from deportation undocumented immigrants who were brought to America by their parents before their 16th birthday.

During a radio interview, Ryan urged Donald Trump to not rescind the policy.

Ryan offered his take while talking to his hometown radio station WCLO in Janesville, Wisconsin. Ryan said Congress is currently working on a legislative fix to preserve the program.

“I actually don’t think he should do that,” Ryan said of Trump’s consideration of terminating the program. “I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.”

Trump told reporters Friday he was still mulling the decision. The White House press secretary said a decision would be announced Tuesday.

There are over 800,000 current enrollees. Folks are accepted based on whether they have a clean record, good grades in school and strong ties to the community.