Out Rugby Player Keegan Hirst On Other Athletes Coming Out

In an recent interview with GuysLikeU, out rugby player Keegan Hirst says we’ll see an out footballer when the right guy feels ready, and to “force” someone out of the closet wouldn’t be fair.

“When they’re ready to. I don’t think its fair to try and force it.

“A person, whoever they are, can only come out when they want to. They’ll feel the same as anybody else does before they come out.

“But if a regular guy has 100 people to come out to, to be possibly rejected by, footballers have 50,000 people who they feel may reject them.

“I think only when they’re totally comfortable with their situation will you get a footballer who publicly comes out.”

And speaking of fair, I don’t think it would be fair to bring up the handsome Hirst without revisiting this “behind-the-scenes” of his photo shoot for Attitude Magazine.