Out Music: Wrabel “We Could Be Beautiful”

Out Music: Wrabel “We Could Be Beautiful”

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Wrabel has dropped his 5 song We Could Be Beautiful EP, which includes the title track as well as “11 Blocks” (one of my favorite tracks for 2016) and “Bloodstain.”

The five songs feel like a journey through his personal diary. From the awareness of proximity to a former love (“11 Blocks”), to love coming around again (“We Could Be Beautiful”) to contentment (“Poetry”).

Wrabel’s writing presents a window into how he handles dating life:

“I tend to be silent when I need to talk the most,” Wrabel told Out.com in April. “I push people away when I need them the most. I break my own heart to save another’s, but I would rather love truly, wholly and completely, and hurt, than not love at all.”

Check out “We Could Be Beautiful” below, and head over to iTunes to check out the rest of the EP.