Out Music: Starley “Love Is Love”

Out Music: Starley “Love Is Love”

Australian artist Starley releases her new, deeply personal single “Love is Love” via Central Station Records.

“Love is Love” is the follow-up to Starley’s global smash hit “Call on Me” which went 4x Platinum in Australia, #1 in Sweden and the Top 10 in more than 30 countries.

Along the way, all that fan love added up to more than 1 billion streams globally.

Using an earthy mix of rhythms and a sound that feels authentic and personal, the singer from ‘down under’ finds the center of her music. And in doing so, connects with the singer.

Out Music: Starley “Love Is Love”

Even the approach to artwork for her music is has to have a true connection.

“The cover for ‘Love is Love’ is not to be about me,” says Starley. “Although, this song is my personal story, it’s a song for everyone, so I felt like a heart was the perfect way to go.”

“I feel like there should be a flag that represents love in all forms – interracial, interfaith, gay, straight, bisexual, trans, and so on,” she adds.

“Until that exists, I’ve chosen to use the colours of the bisexual flag because they relate to my personal journey,” says the Aussie singer regarding the inspiration behind her single artwork.

And while I have your attention, check out Starley’s debut single, “Call On Me” below.