Out Music: Scout Durwood “Take One Thing Off”

Out Music: Scout Durwood “Take One Thing Off”

Out comedian/actress/singer Scout Durwood describes her new music video, “Take One Thing Off,” as “the same balance of controlled chaos I like to have onstage.”

“We wanted something colorful, queer and just left of center,” she added.

The song is the title track from her new 19-track pop-comedy album that intermingles a hysterical standup set taped at the underground Los Angeles club The Pack with songs.

“Take One Thing Off” flaunts an upbeat and undeniable chant over a propulsive musical backdrop.

“In reference to accessories, Coco Chanel said, ‘Before you leave the house, take one thing off’,” Durwood says. “I’m such a believer in public nudity and loving your body that it’s the idea of taking off one expectation people have of you. The record is taking that one thing off.”

The album is now available on iTunes and other digital download sites.