Out Music: NIKO ‘Thinking About You’

Out singer/songwriter NIKO recently released his latest – a dance floor filler titled, ‘Thinking About You.’

After his romantic single, “Try,” NIKO ups the heat and the tempo with this dance track that explores the darker side of love and seduction.

“The song tells the story of someone who is constantly chasing after the next thrill, but in doing that, loses the person who really cares for them,” says NIKO. “It’s about the emotional dynamics of not being able to resist your physical instincts, and then having to face the consequences.”

Singer/songwriter NIKO (via official website)

Born and raised in Milan, NIKO’s first musical endeavors began as creative collaborations with DJs as a songwriter and vocalist in the Italian city.

After spending time in the UK, working with music producers in Manchester and London, NIKO decided to launch his career as a solo artist with his first EP RMNC 21 in 2019.

Listen to the new single below and you can check out my previous coverage of NIKO and his music here.