Juan Pablo Di Pace’s Gorgeous New Music Video “Te Sentí”

Juan Pablo Di Pace
Juan Pablo Di Pace in “Te Sentí” (screen capture)

Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace recently turned heads when he starred in this holiday season’s gay cowboy Christmas movie, Dashing in December, and found him totally charming.

So, I’m excited to learn the Fuller House star (who came out in 2019) is also an accomplished singer and dancer, and has released his first Spanish song, “Te Sentí.”

Described as a love letter to his heritage and to his identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Di Pace co-wrote “Te Sentí” with Latin Grammy winner Paulina Aguirre.

The new song is from his upcoming EP Vascular scheduled for release later this year.

The music video for “Te Sentí” is a gorgeous, sensual affair playing light against shadows, sharing an inclusive story of desire and lost love.

I felt you / Understood love when I stared at you
And my poor heart beat so fast for you / Left me breathless
I died trying but in the end I lost you

“It’s important for me to showcase a strong musical style and stories that are honest and truthful to whatever is going on in my life at the time…” Di Pace says in a press statement. “With ‘Te Sentí,’ I was inspired by the feeling of losing someone, and that immobilizing pain you feel when you know it just cannot be.”

Whether you understand Spanish or not, you’ll understand what the dashing Juan Pablo Di Pace is singing about here.

I like 🙂