Out Music: John Duff Skewers The City Of Angels In ‘I Hate L.A.’

John Duff in his new music video 'I Hate L.A.'
John Duff in his new music video ‘I Hate L.A.’

Out singer/songwriter John Duff releases his fun and infectious new single, ‘I Hate L.A.’ which riffs on all the things about Los Angeles the artist loathes.

Duff’s negative outlook isn’t so much about the City of Angels itself but “what Los Angeles represents ideologically.”

“It’s about the product being sold – all in all, it’s about lack mentality,” adds the woofy artist. “I wanted to create something out of my negativity that sounded anthemic and proud.”

A scene from 'I Hate L.A.'
A scene from ‘I Hate L.A.’

Setting out to glamorize his view of the city, Duff and his director Brad Hammer worked to include layers of symbolism in each scene.

Whether its laying on Astroturf, dressed as a rhinestone cowboy, puffing on cigarettes while surrounded by healing crystals, or standing next to a $130,000 G-wagon filled to the gills with plastic bottles from fancy juice places, wearing an “I Voted” sticker, Duff wants the viewer GET the hypocrisy he sees in LA.

The painted face scene is a nod to the city’s beauty influencers, an industry that ranks low in Duff’s estimation: “I think marketing ‘facial improvement’ to children is kind of gross.”

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Check out the clever music video below. You can find my previous coverage of Duff’s music here.