Out Music: Eli Lieb “Hollywood”

Out Music: Eli Lieb “Hollywood”

I was thinking earlier this week that we need more music from the uber-talented Eli Lieb.

And here it is.

Eli shares on his Facebook page,”I’ve made a lot of life changes – You can hear about them in my new single, ‘Hollywood’. On to the next phase…”

The new song, “Hollywood,” paints a plaintive portrait of “broken angels,” “tired halos” and “the ghosts of Hollywood” in the City of Angels.

“So I’m leaving for a life that’s good, and I’m so fucking sick of Hollywood”

Journey on, Eli.

I’m a big fan of the singer/songwriter – you can find more of his music on The Randy Report here.

The new song is available on iTunes here, and you can watch the video below.

Out Music: Eli Lieb “Hollywood”