Out Music: David Hernandez ‘Boomerang’

Out Music: David Hernandez ‘Boomerang’
Out singer David Hernandez (photo: Joshua Stinnett)

American Idol alum David Hernandez drops his latest music video, “Boomerang,” shot on location in Palm Springs during the pandemic.

Don’t worry – the whole shebang was done on the up and up according to COVID-19 protocols with social distancing, and only actual couples that have been quarantined together were doing the kissing, like Hernandez and his boo, Derek Caldera.

I’ve been a fan of Hernandez for years now. In 2016, his song “Beautiful” was one of my Top 5 Songs from out musicians.

His vocals are always on point never relying on just ‘power notes,’ and the production is consistently creative and top-shelf.

Of the video, Hernandez shares, “The vibe of the song is love all the way around so I wanted to show love in all different shapes and sizes.”

Out Music: David Hernandez ‘Boomerang’
(screen capture from ‘Boomerang’)