Out Music: Dance Loud Asks ‘Why Lie?’

Out Music: Dance Loud Asks ‘Why Lie?’
L-R Desereé Fawn Zimmerman, Kristin Sanchez

Chicago-based electronic duo Dance Loud (Desereé Fawn Zimmerman & Kristin Sanchez) release their hypnotic new music video, “Why Lie,” asking the eternal question: why do some people choose dishonesty in relationships?

The chill soundscape seems more like a ‘journey’ than an episode as the ebb and flow of the moody downtempo track feels soothing and tranquil. I especially like the extended rhythmic passage at the end.

The Chicago Tribune raved about the real-life couple’s live performances: “The tandem’s live performances are a joy to behold. Sanchez’s beats build and build on the dance floor like any good house music set, then Zimmerman joins the production, adding layers of intricate drum rhythms that both complement and contrast with the synths.”

I covered the duo’s euphoric single “Hollow” back in March. Both tracks are from their upcoming indie album The Moment due out June 5.

You can Instagram the duo here.