Out Music: Bright Light Bright Light “New York Pretty”

Out Music: Bright Light Bright Light “New York Pretty”

Singer/songwriter Rod Thomas, recording under the moniker Bright Light Bright Light, explores and celebrates the streets of New York in the new bright and bouncy music video for “New York Pretty.”

The track is from the upcoming EP Tales of the City to be released July 7.

Thomas sets the tone from the get-go, opening the track thusly:

I hope that everyone can see me now
Now that I feel so much better about myself
Now that I feel better about myself

With Pride Month in full swing, Thomas whirls and swirls throughout gay NYC including visits to three iconic gay bars: Stonewall, Julius, and Williamsburg’s Metropolitan.

Thomas describes the feel of “New York Pretty” on his official website thusly:

‘New York Pretty’ came out of the blue one sunny say in New York winter. It’s inspired by the Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin movie ‘Big Business’ and the idea of spending a long time in a place that’s not quite right, eventually moving to the city and feeling like you finally belong.

It’s no secret that New York is my place for that, and also inspired by RuPaul and the incredible RuPaul’s Drag Race, I wanted to write a song about self-empowerment and self-belief, and this is what emerged. Musically, it’s a mix of inspiration from Broadway, Queer As Folk’s UK gay scene and Kylie’s ‘Light Years’ which all had a large influence on my music taste growing up.

Watch the upbeat, Pride-worthy music video below.