Out Music: Bobby Newberry “Lit”

Out Music: Bobby Newberry “Lit”

Singer/choreographer Bobby Newberry recently dropped his stylish, sexy new music video, “Lit.”

And, trust and believe, the video lives up to its title.

The club-friendly track teams Newberry with sexy AF Brazilian rapper Aleff for the track and video who drops his raps in Portuguese. You’ll also spot RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Laganja Estranj working it out in the mix.

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott also brings his own brand of sexy/smooth to the video via clothing from his luxury fashion house, Moschino.

”I wrote the song about when you meet someone and have that instant, undeniable attraction and connection,” Newberry recently told OUT. “They give you that rush that’s almost intoxicating, like taking drugs but you’re high on the person. Like butterflies in the stomach, they got you feeling lit.”

Newberry shares that he’s been writing and recording for seven years now and knew when the time came, he would want to be an artist who’s true to himself.

“I made the decision to be open and talk about guys in my songs and be openly gay because I want to always be an authentic artist, be real,” he recently told HuffPost’s Curtis Wong. “And also to inspire up-and-coming artists so they can do whatever they want and be their authentic selves as well.”

Newberry’s also sporting some serious body. Check out below from his Instagram.

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