Out Films: ‘The Crown With A Shadow’ Starring Paul Reubens

The CROWN With a SHADOW, a mixed-media short animated film by gay Tribeca Film Festival award-winner JB Ghuman, Jr., made its world premiere at the Outfest Film Festival this weekend starring a constellation of queer and trans actors including Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman), Oscar winner Tatum O’Neal, and nonbinary performer iRAWniQ, as well as icon Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls).

The character of Oliver in 'The Crown With A Shadow'
The character of Oliver in ‘The Crown With A Shadow’

The short film chronicles the tale of a transgender fish named Oliver. The story is based on the real-world gender-morphing Pink Skunk Fish, a species that changes sex from male to female during its own lifespan.

From the director:

The story is led by a male fish Prince (Reubens) destined to be Queen & learns from his mother the Queen (Halliwell) how bodies are simply shells and that the courage it takes to be oneself is the mark of a true queen. “The strongest crown we carry are our hearts,” she explains.

Antagonist is a bully shark (Tatum O’Neal / Oscar winner) along side a Female to Male squid with top surgery scars to give a space for said imagery in an otherwise limited lane of visibility (voiced by Non-Binary LGBTQI+ actor iRAWniQ).

All other characters are also voiced by multiple Trans-Gendered performers (MTF & FTM) and is aimed to teach the strongest muscle is the heart as well as a deeper consciousness & connectivity to all things within… & without.

The film is available online for virtual viewings through August 18 via OutFest.