Out Documentary: “All Male All Nude” From Gerald McCullouch

Out Documentary: “All Male All Nude” From Gerald McCullouch

Check out the next big project from my longtime buddy and uber-talented filmmaker, Gerald McCullouch (CSI, Bear City and Daddy).

All Male All Nude (I’ve already got your attention, yes?) is an upcoming documentary set in one of America’s only all-nude, all-male gay strip clubs, Swinging Richard’s in Atlanta.

From Gerald’s IndieGoGo crowd funding project:

Hop on board and get ready for a night you won’t forget where we’ll celebrate a big ole’ Bday together as you help bring my next project to the finish line.

All Male All Nude is an unforgettably original cutting-edge documentary: a journey into the taboo world of male stripping set in the heart of the Bible belt. From the VIP room, to all nude table dances, to the mainstage and backstage – journey into this arousing environment that has engendered a compellingly original family unit.

This is a project I have been working on for four years as a solo venture. As it moves closer to completion, I need assistance in getting the project to the finish line.

Atlanta, Georgia is a Mecca for mega churches and religious followers. It is also a Mecca for adult entertainment: it has one of the densest populations of strip bars in America. Consequently, only one of those offers an all male, all nude staff and is geared towards a gay clientele. Welcome to Swinging Richards – the setting for All Male All Nude.

From color correction, sound design and music licensing to web site design, PR, advertising, legal fees and so much more, I need your support and in return, a night celebrating in Atlanta is sure to be one for the memory books.

Any amount is appreciated and nothing is too small (or too big). Although I have set the fundraising goal as low as possible, if funds are raised exceeding the goal, it only leads to a stronger film and it is my intention to deliver the strongest, sexiest documentary possible. ​

As regular readers of The Randy Report know, I’m way big into promoting music, film and other creative projects by the LGBT community. Hey – if we want to see more of us out there in entertainment, let’s support it!

Gerald is an absolute pro at getting quality indie films like the Bear City films, and more recently Daddy, made and featured at film festivals all over the world.

Plus, it’s fun to pitch in a few bucks and be a part of the creative process. For supporting the project, Gerald promises updates of all kinds as All Male All Nude gets made. What’s not to like?

Watch the trailer below.