A Prince Called Bear

Our youngest dachshund Bear
Our little prince Bear when he was a pup

It was one year ago today that 16-year-old baby Bear, the youngest of our dachshund dynasty passed away.

As he was born last of the three puppies (in Michael’s hands), we always thought of him as our little prince. But in his last seven months, being the lone dog of the house, he flourished and grew confident as the alpha of the house.

Even on his last day, when the vets came into the house to assist with his crossing the rainbow bridge, he stood up and barked ferociously defending us from what he perceived as a threat.

Our prince had become a knight.

I couldn’t let the day go by without acknowledging how much we miss him, his dad and mom – Bruno and Sabrina, and siblings Tyler and Bandit.

Since their passing, we have blessed with the amazing wonder beagle Snoopy. And now, mom and pup chihuahuas Scarlett and Brody.

Please know I’m not sad – but happy that Bear and his brood happened to us. Boundless joy that stretched over two decades.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of the Bear. #DogsRule

I took this photo of Bear looking out the front door just days before his passing
Michael with Bear
Me with baby Bear getting some water during the puppy days
The dogs help Michael take a break from work
Me with all five doxies

Bruno being daddy with the puppies as Sabrina looks on