Organizer Of Charlottesville Hate Rally: Heather Heyer’s Death Was “Payback”

The organizer of the Charlottesville neo-nazi rally, Jason Kessler, tweeted last night that the counter-protester killed during the ensuing violence was a “fat, disgusting Communist.”

Kessler also seemed to indicate that the woman, Heather Heyer, somehow deserved to die saying her death “looks like payback time.”

This morning, Kessler claimed he was hacked:

And sometime later, Kessler changed his story blaming his hateful words on “stress” and a result of taking sleeping medications along with alcohol and anti-anxiety drugs.

Shortly after that, Kessler deleted his entire Twitter account.

Even his fellow white supremacists disavowed his hateful rhetoric:

Some far-right loons have begun claiming Kessler is actually a left-leaning “plant” trying to discredit the alt-right: