One Million Moms Protest NBC’s New Series “One Big Happy”

As if on cue, One Million Moms (more like 60K) is off their bat about the new NBC TV show “One Big Happy” which features a pregnant lesbian mom having a baby with her best male friend, who just married his new wife.

OMMs is über-upset.

NBC’s “One Big Happy” is attempting to desensitize America and our children. This new show is damaging to our culture and harmful to our society for a number of reasons. This program glamorizes one night stands, n-dity, homosexuality, and foul language (such as v-gina and b-tch). 1MM is prepared to contact sponsors of “One Big Happy” requesting they pull financial support from the program. It is proven this strategy works!

It was not too long ago that NBC announced “The New Normal” had been canceled after only one season because of lack of advertisers! Please use the information we have provided to contact Synsodyne (GlaxoSmithKline) and ask they pull their financial support from “One Big Happy.”

I wasn’t aware “vagina” was a foul word? And they can’t even write the word “nudity” without dropping the “u?”