One Direction Drops First New Track Minus Zayn Malik – “Drag Me Down”

One Direction apparently surprised folks this morning when they decided to drop their first “post-Zayn Malik” track on the internet – “Drag Me Down.”

Swapping lyric lines (as they do in the boy band genre) the group sounds as bouncy, bright and complete as ever.

From Billboard:

On its first single without recently departed member Zayn Malik — and its first since its five-year anniversary as a group — One Direction romantically alludes to the diehard Directioners and their place in the group’s phenomenal run of success; it’s basically the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” with a slightly less bombastic guitar riff.

The best news for One Direction fans is that the quartet does not sound incomplete: the group compensates for Malik’s absence by giving each member ample time to shine, and the harmonies admirably resonate on the call-and-response portions of the pre-chorus.

Take a listen below.