Omarosa: “Hillary Clinton Was Robbed And I Was Complicit”

Omarosa on ‘The View

Holy crap!

Former White House something-something Omarosa Manigault-Newman sat down on The View Monday and admitted to the world she regrets being “complicit” in the election of Donald Trump.

“At some point you have to stop a toxic relationship. I was in a toxic relationship with Donald Trump, and I regret that I was so complicit.

“You know, Hillary Clinton was robbed. And I was … a co-conspirator in that robbery. And I will regret that for the rest of my life that I was a co-conspirator along with the rest of the folks on this campaign that I helped this con man get into office.

“It’s very clear if you look at the report from the intelligence community that Russia assisted Donald Trump with getting elected.

“He might ignore it but I actually respect the intelligence community and their findings in that report. Have you seen that report? It’s airtight.”

I freely admit I’ve never been a fan of Omarosa.

BUT – girl, has the receipts! She’s got the recordings and she’s playing them, so I’m tending to believe her account so far.

She also recently revealed that several White House staffers would use the hashtag #tfa (meaning “25th Amendment” which could technically remove Trump from office) in emails and communications when referencing a particular crazy Trump moment.

Watch Omarosa on The View below.

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