Olivia Newton-John Talks About Grief & Loss Through Her New Album LIV ON

International superstar and multiple Grammy Award-winner Olivia Newton-John, with her friends Grammy nominee Beth Nielsen Chapman and SOCAN Award-winner Amy Sky, joined forces to create LIV ON, a collaborative, eleven-song collection which focuses on uplifting hearts burdened by grief while at the same time bring comfort to the listener.

Olivia Newton-John and her collaborators sat down with me to talk about the new album intended to aid & comfort those experiencing grief and loss while using the power of music to heal.

This inspiring new project grew out of the three artists’ personal experiences with loss and illness, which they all survived to “LIV ON” and celebrate each day with a depth of gratitude.

“LIV ON” – means “to thrive, to have hope and to remember.” The message is clear in the lyrics of the album’s title song:

Live on, Live on
Brighter skies will come again
Cry the tears you cry
And then live on, live on
Love is all we leave when we are gone…Live on

Loss and grief occur for many reasons – whether it’s losing a loved one, a relationship, one’s health, a pet, or a job, to name just a few. It’s important to remember that each person’s grief is as individual as his or her DNA – and there truly is no timeline for healing from loss.

Olivia, Beth and Amy called upon their personal experiences in creating this collection of songs which will aid, uplift and comfort those working their way through the maze of grief and loss.

You can learn more about LIV ON by clicking here.