Nyle DiMarco’s Pride Edition Of American Sign Language

Nyle DiMarco’s Pride Edition Of American Sign Language

Just in time for Pride Month, woofy Nyle DiMarco is here to help you break down the sign language barrier for when you meet that hot deaf dude at a Pride festival.

The America’s Next Top Model/Dancing with the Stars champ (who has come out as sexually fluid) took to social media to help out with some easy-to-learn American Sign Language.

Nyle is an avid advocate for ASL since out of the estimated 70 million deaf people in the world, only 2% have access to education through sign language.

I had to chance to spend time with Nyle a while back and learned deaf folks appreciate even a small effort in learning to communicate with them. Plus, it’s fun.

In this first video, Nyle teams up with gender queer artist Chella Man to teach basic queer signs like gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, drag and more.

Looking to flirt? Nyle’s got you covered:

And then there’s the all-important question:

By the way, Nyle is also up for a gym buddy if you’re interested:

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