Donald Trump Moans About Russian Election Investigation Costs Which Are Less Than His Golf Trips

Donald Trump is very concerned about the cost of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation even though his golf trips cost more
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has suddenly become very concerned about the cost and expense of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in our elections here in the U.S.

The Trumpster took to Twitter today to moan yet again calling the investigation a “very expensive Witch Hunt Hoax.”

It was reported by several news outlets yesterday that Mueller’s efforts have thus far cost the government about $16.7 million.

Citing the federal government’s $4.1 trillion budget for fiscal 2018, the Washington Post puts these numbers in perspective like this: spending $16.7 million of $4.1 trillion is like making $50,000 a year and spending 20 cents.


The conservative group Judicial Watch told the Associated Press that each of Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago cost about $1 million, including only Air Force One travel and Secret Service protection.

Trump has been to Mar-a-Lago 17 times, for a grand total of $17 million in flight and protection costs.


That’s, like, more than has been spent on Mueller’s investigation into protecting American elections from Russian interference!

And that doesn’t include his trips to Just to his club in Bedminster, N.J., costs more than $40,000 in travel time (9 times he’s been there). Or to his golf club in Sterling, Virginia – 31 visits there.

Now, which is more important – protecting our democratic processes or Trump getting on his own golf courses so he can cheat at golf again?

If Trump is sooooo concerned about expenses, how about he cut back on his illegitimate golf games?